Project5 Photocut Processor is a raster to vector conversion program that produces photographic effect in vinyl using vinyl cutter only.
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Sample Outdoor Sign: Photo in Vinyl

The best way to learn more about a computer program is to see a sample of a work it can do.
Because Project5 is a tool for sign makers, let's take a look on a outdoor sign project.

1. Preparing Computer Design.

Most of sign designers use Intel-based PCs running Win32 platform (Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, or XP) and CorelDRAW.

Here's a shot of the project opened in CorelDRAW.

Car photo is a result of scanning and some modifications in Corel PhotoPaint.

2. Vector Graphics Cutting and Application.

Vector graphics such as text, logos, lines, and so on are cut and applied on a surface as usual.

3. Preparing for Photocut.

Each Photocut picture is a combination of two colors: foreground and background.

Photo at right shows the same graphics file that is applicated using different foreground and background colors.

Black-on-white Photocut results in grayscale image; using another colors produce interesting effects.

Here we chose black-on-white.

4. Processing Photocut.

The bitmap was resampled and loaded into Project5.

Result of Photocut processing is a HPGL plotter file of an actual size. Most cutters support HPGL directly. If your cutter does so, you can immediately send Project5 output to cutter. If you need further modifications, load it into your drawing program.

The shot demonstrates Photocut Settings Dialog.

5. Applicating Photocut.

After cutting entire vinyl sheet was applicated directly to background vinyl.

All unneeded portions are wed away from the completed work according to the figure below.

6. Final Result.

This is final result of an outdoor sign.

Click on image to enlarge.

More samples including CorelDRAW graphics, processed pictures, and photos can be found here.

Project5 Photocut Processor Free download Order Project5 Photocut Processor: Free Shipping
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