Project5 Photocut Processor is a raster to vector conversion program that produces photographic effect in vinyl using vinyl cutter only.
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10 Reasons, why Project5 is better than other Competitive Software

Why Project5?
We've done all our best to make Project5 an easy, reliable, and fast program. These Ten Advantages make Project5 the best program in its class.

1. Project5 is User Friendly.

Now you can put an end to feature-overloaded, memory-eating interfaces of a huge graphic suites!

Project5 interface allows you to do your job quickly without first setting up a large amount of options. The interface is suitable both for beginners and advanced users.

2. Project5 is the Fastest Program.

Project5 is the fastest program in its class. It's ready to produce up to 160 square feet of bitmaps per hour and is suitable for large sign shops.

Photocut processing algorithms were re-written using assembly language with Pentium/Pentium Pro specific commands to do top-speed processing.

Project5 allows you to change its priority to cut in background. You can do your work while Project 5 does its own!

(Please note that Pentium/Pentium Pro optimization does not mean that you cannot run Project5 on 486-based computer.)

3. Project5 is the Most Accurate Program.

Accuracy means Quality for Photocut. Project5 provides 0.0125 mm accuracy, which is enough for any high-detail graphics.

Project5 accuracy does not depend on image size or color depth. While other programs require "test cut", Project5 does not.

4. Project5 is not Limited by Picture Size.

With Project5, you should never think how to slice a 3x6 m image or add more RAM to your computer - you just load any size image into Project5 and begin to work!

Project5 utilizes the most advanced features of Windows 95/NT systems and allows you to work with any size graphics. The only limit is a free space on your hard disk.

5. Project5 Supports Internet Graphics Formats.

To photocut an Internet-loaded graphics is not more complex that to print it. Due to built-in support of Internet graphics, Project5 automatically detects image format and performs all required conversions.

You should just drag an image from your browser's window and drop it onto Project5 window - that's all!*

Project5 Photocut Processor Free download Order Project5 Photocut Processor: Free Shipping

6. Project5 Includes "The Five Steps to Photocut"

If you are the beginner in signmaking, refer to Project5 Online Help system, which includes The Five Steps to Photocut .

The Five Steps to Photocut will provide you step-by-step instructions and answer all your questions.

7. Project5 Includes Photocut Video Tutorial

Good photo is the first step in professional Photocut. Application of large vinyl Photocuts is not a trivial procedure.

Project5 contains the comprehensive Photocut application video tutorial with a lot of tips and tricks. Your vinyl signs will look professional!

8. Project5 has Batch Processing Capabilities.

If you want to process dozens of images, Project5 offers you an ability to do this.

You can collect graphics of different sizes, types, and colors - Project5 will process it at one pass.

9. Project5 Uses Open Architecture API.

Project5 offers high-effective and simply-to-use Application Programming Interface (API) which allows developers to build Photocut processing capabilities into their own programs.

Project5 can be integrated with any software with plug-ins or scripting support.

Plug-Ins for CorelDRAW 7/8/9 are available! Plug-in for ANY program on your request!

10. Project5 Opens New Horizons for Your Design.

Nothing is impossible! Just try, and do your own Revolution in Signmaking !

Project5 Photocut Processor Free download Order Project5 Photocut Processor: Free Shipping
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